Everything Begins with Healthcare: Interoperability and Access is the law

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Extend Your Current Software Systems

Shadowbox's healthcare solutions are built on a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant web productivity platform leveraging AI, machine learning, and Blockchain to improve outcomes and provider payments. Shadowbox wraps around your software applications, like your practice management system or EMR, providing additional compliance and security while connecting to ancillary services such as lab ordering systems, government registries and databases, insurance verification, and other applications.

Easy to use. Nothing new to learn.

Shadowbox adapts to your existing work-flow, so you use your own Practice Management or EMR software in a more secure, HIPAA compliant environment than Chrome or Safari.

No cost installation. Same day integration.

Download the app, install and open! On your first login, choose the Practice Management software (ie. EMR) you wish to use with Shadowbox, and start saving time immediately.

Create your own connections.

Shadowbox is a safe, compliant, and easy way to use your Practice Management or EMR software, using pre-configured automations. You can also create your own custom connections.

Connecting Applications: Visual Simplicity

EMRs & Lab Ordering Systems

Shadowbox is a patented web application platform that allows HIPAA compliant data sharing between healthcare providers and vendors. When appropriate, Shadowbox uses blockchain tracking for audit purposes.

Government Registries & Databases

Automate and track mandated “search or submit” requirements for government registries and databases (ie. Prescription Drug Management databases).


Shadowbox allows you to access patient health insurance coverage in your portal before you provide services. Immediate insurance verification ensures you get appropriate payment with fewer denials.

& Outcomes

The quick and secure method of sharing content between disconnected web applications, without exposing protected data, meets regulatory and business requirements. Shadowbox can be customized to provide enhanced data tracking for metrics, analytics, and outcomes research.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Emphasis on Security

Security & Compliance

The Shadowbox solution resides on a Hi-Trust, PCI secured server environment with state-of-the-art constant surveillance, detection, prevention, and elimination of security threats from potential attacks.

Industry Standard HL7 

While many Shadowbox customers prefer the ease and presentation quality of PDF reports, the Shadowbox team has implemented more than 3,000 traditional interfaces using HL7 data structure and requirements.

Blockchain Security Enabled

Blockchain technologies provide a secure and immutable record of transactions, and are employed by Shadowbox when appropriate to secure data and support customer audit and compliance requirements.

Focus on the Future: Catalyst for Change

Shadowbox is poised to change the way systems integrations happen with patented technology that reduces implementation time, saves money, and enhances security for almost any organization. Every year brings greater needs to optimize business processes and create "integrated enterprises" to ensure business success. Our current focus on healthcare will be expanded with solutions for sports, media and entertainment, financial services, retail, manufacturing and more.

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