Patented "Meta-Browser" Solution Makes Interoperability a Reality

Shadowbox is a productivity platform that securely connects applications at the click of a button. Unlike paper forms, traditional integrations, data warehouses, or one-off service provider portals, Shadowbox has a low adoption cost with high data fidelity while increasing security and proactively preventing regulatory compliance violations.

Secure Cross-Platform Connectivity

Shadowbox adds a new layer of security and compliance working at the intersection between the authenticated user and the authenticated application. The Shadowbox solution enhances and builds on the underlying application’s security, and data moves across applications from within the secure platform eliminating risks related to data-in-transit.

Our hosting environment ensures the highest levels of security and compliance across a variety of industries.

  • SSAE 18 - SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Type II
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • Privacy Shield (GDPR)

Create Multiple Connections

Save Time, Money, and Personnel

Shadowbox utilizes a patented multi-view environment to create actionable connections between disparate software systems. Connecting systems with Shadowbox eliminates:

  • human data transfer error
  • complicated export/import functions, or
  • expensive back end API integration.

Experience User Driven Integration 

Rather than waiting for software vendors or your IT department to code traditional back-end integrations, the User can simply drag and drop across platforms to assemble a Shadowbox integration.  With Shadowbox, you are in charge. And because Shadowbox builds on existing system security, doesn’t modify the systems themselves, and the IT department controls users/permissions, Shadowbox is extremely IT department-friendly.

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Automation Ends Routine

Automate Processes Improve Security

Repetitive tasks lead to human error, employee dissatisfaction, waste and lost opportunity. Millions of dollars are at stake every day due to transposed digits, typos and spelling errors, or incomplete forms.

Experience User Driven Automation

Shadowbox’s patented multi-view environment unlocks opportunities for creative design and implementation of workflow optimization.  Once integrated in Shadowbox, Users can automate tasks with the click of a button.  Automation can be simple or complex. With Shadowbox, you are in charge. If your requirements become very complex, Shadowbox can build a custom automation solution to meet your needs.

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Create A Competitive Advantage

Competitive Intelligence

Successful companies win business by knowing the competition, their customers, and the pain points they are poised to solve. Sales success can turn on a single data point.

Shadowbox’s patented multi-view environment enables the User to simultaneously search across multiple web applications.  With Shadowbox, you are in charge.  Additionally, Shadowbox recognizes the topic of interest and when a new web application is opened can automatically search based on that context. Multi-view search results and relevant meta data may be analyzed, consolidated, and presented in a single view, chart, or other format.

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Save time and money using Shadowbox.

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