Birdrock Laboratories sees 10x return on Shadowbox tech

Shadowbox proven to reduce claims with missing billing information by more than 90%

Birdrock Laboratories is a blood, toxicology, and molecular diagnostic lab, with a primary focus on providing services to healthcare providers seeking fast turnaround times on clinically actionable results. As a high-complexity, COLA-accredited laboratory, Birdrock seeks to expand services beyond the local community and has licensed Shadowbox as their EHR integration provider.

“Shadowbox is our interface solution. Period,” said Seth Maheu, Birdrock’s co-founder and CEO. “When a customer wants to begin ordering tests and receiving results electronically, we provide them with the ‘Birdrock’ easy-order application which instantly connects to their EHR. Because the clinic uses their own EHR, training their staff takes just a few minutes. We can begin receiving electronic orders in just a couple of days, not weeks or months, and we can be confident that those orders are accurate. In an industry where the standard for EHR integration is costly to initiate and slow to complete, Shadowbox is lightyears ahead of the alternatives.”

“With Shadowbox, we are well on the way to eliminating paper orders,” said, Stefan Macchi, Birdrock’s co-founder and COO. “The best part is that every time we convert a practice from paper to Shadowbox we reduce claims with missing billing information by more than 90%. As a result, Birdrock is realizing a 10x return on our investment every month, and there’s plenty of room to grow with the new insurance discovery module.”

Birdrock recently initiated use of the proprietary Shadowbox “time of order health insurance eligibility and discovery” module. Preliminary results suggest that this technology is identifying current insurance information for 35% of orders where the patient’s chart in the electronic health record is either marked as uninsured or the insurance information is outdated. This saves lab and field staff valuable time trying to track down billing information while increasing average revenue per test.

Since August 2018, Birdrock implemented Shadowbox in more than seventy practices across eleven states.

“We are thrilled to partner with Birdrock Labs to improve their customer experience, enhance security and compliance, and significantly expand their bottom line.” said Gregory A. Stein, Shadowbox CEO and co-founder.

With Shadowbox, Birdrock increased insurance claim collections, reduced staff costs for tracking down missing billing information and appealing denied claims, and dramatically reduced the time needed to onboard new customers.

Bridrock Laboratory utilizes the most sophisticated platforms for laboratory testing. Their services are designed to better improve patient care by providing the tools to assist the healthcare professional to advocate on the patient’s behalf. For more information see

Shadowbox patented a commercially available secure and compliant multi-view productivity platform enabling scripted and user-driven no-code integration alternatives to traditional API solutions. A San Diego Venture Group 2019 Cool Company, Shadowbox tackles one of the biggest challenges in technology – connecting data from unconnected systems. For more information see

December 1, 2020 – San Diego

Full Press Release is here.

COVID-19 DX HUB – Connecting Providers to Labs


That’s the number of COVID diagnostic and antigen tests per day that the more than fifteen labs participating in the COVID-19 DX HUB are bringing to the table. That’s nearly a 20% increase in TOTAL US testing capacity achieved in the ten days since we launched the HUB.

While this is impressive, our goal is to more than double capacity – and that means we are asking you to join this cause. We are only scratching the surface. For the economy to reopen providers must have easy access to labs with capacity. States are now moving forward with steps to re-open and widespread testing is more critical than ever.

Please join us, sign up for the HUB, and add your critical capacity to help address this challenge and save lives. To get started, click on and fill out the Lab participant form. We’ll follow up right away to answer questions, provide a demo, and initiate the paperwork. We believe we’ll have identified enough capacity and geographic coverage by the end of this week to begin in earnest reaching out to medical groups, treatment facilities, skilled nursing homes, and thousands of other healthcare providers across the country to sign up and start ordering tests. We want you to participate!

The COVID-19 DX HUB is a simple desktop application powered by Shadowbox technology, downloaded by a healthcare provider who selects test kits from a list of all participating labs. When the provider’s EHR is opened through the application, an electronic order to the selected lab is made by a simple click of a button. Results are returned just as easily.

The attached infographic provides valuable information about the COVID-19 DX HUB and how your participation can help double or even triple US testing capacity, be a part of getting ahead of this pandemic, and enable millions of Americans to go back to work.


LaunchPad Alumni Spotlight – SHADOWBOX

by Cara Davidoff | Feb 26, 2020 | high tech, Octane News, Success Series

Shadowbox Solutions, a 2018 LaunchPad Alumni Company has had some recent success that Octane wants to celebrate as part of our LaunchPad Spotlight Series. Shadowbox brings to market a patented instant no-code alternative to API integration for enterprise and individual users. The first enterprise use case launched in late 2018 supporting the healthcare vertical, and now serves more than ten customers connecting dozens of systems in clinics across the country.

This past January, they announced a strategic relationship with WavelandRCM to leverage Shadowbox’s technology platform and Waveland’s data service to update health insurance claims with current, complete, and accurate information. Additionally, Shadowbox executed agreements with companies in streaming media and real estate to explore use-cases and go-to-market strategy for applying Shadowbox technology in those markets. To add to their continued success, they recruited Tom Munro, former CEO of digital rights management company, Verimatrix, to their Board of Directors. This is part of a strategy initiative to develop strategic relationships: in healthcare and other markets.

Full LaunchPad Blog article here.

SHADOWBOX and WavelandRCM Team Up to Save Clients Millions by Modernizing the Art of Insurance Verification and Discovery

For the first time, diagnostic labs and other healthcare providers can receive accurate billing information at the time of order, including exclusive access to Medicare Beneficiary Identification numbers!

Jan 22, 2020, 11:55 ET

SHADOWBOX is off to a wonderful start in 2020. First month of the year we announced a strategic relationship with data service provider WavelandRCM.  Together, we will bring to market for the first time the ability for diagnostic labs, durable medical equipment vendors, and other ancillary service providers to automatically obtain complete and accurate insurance information at the time of the order before incurring downstream costs.  Waveland’s EVP Tony says, “This is revolutionary.”

Read the full article on CISION Newswire here.

Tech Startups Make San Diego Venture Group Cool Companies List

SHADOWBOX named a 2019 “Cool Company” by the San Diego Venture Group

More than 250 tech startups applied; and Shadowbox emerged as one of thirty three considered by the panel of expert judges to be “Investor Ready”.

Shadowbox co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Jack Samatov said, “This is a tremendous honor for Shadowbox. I’m especially proud of the team who delivered our tech to provide such value to our first customers, and more broadly a platform that will ultimately be used to solve a near infinite number of web application interoperability use cases.  The SD Venture Group’s recognition of the ‘big idea’ behind Shadowbox is an important milestone as we grow the company.”

From Xconomy, March 29, 2019:

Mike Krenn, president of SDVG, says the quality of applicants made it difficult to narrow down the submissions.

“We believe there are easily another 30 companies that will be of interest to VCs, and at least another 50 that have a visible path to success—without raising venture,” he said in a statement.

Read more…

SHADOWBOX is “Keeping Kids Safe” on April 6, 2019

SHADOWBOX is proud to join Supervisor Gaspar, Sheriff Gore, American Medical Response, the San Diego Medical Association, San Diego and Imperial Hospital Association, and 100’s of San Diego REALTORS in a first-of-its kind county-wide educational program to educate families and kids about the Safe Use, Safe Storage, and Safe Disposal of Prescriptions in the home!

More than 73,000 people died of an accidental drug overdose in 2017.  Many of these deaths were a result of misuse or abuse of prescription drugs – especially prescription opiates.

On Saturday, April 06, 2019, more than 200 volunteers will gather in one of the largest mobilizations of it’s kind to educate families about the need to protect their children by properly disposing of unused, unwanted, or expired medications.  According to national statistics, 4 in 10 teens think that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs, and 70% of misused or abused medications come from a medicine cabinet.

SHADOWBOX not only provides support to laboratories and clinicians on the front line of treating patients who access these powerful medications, or are in treatment to overcome addiction, but we also are part of the effort to go directly to the community to help prevent inappropriate access – and save lives.

Shadowbox CEO Greg Stein, a co-founder of the Safe Homes Coalition, said, “The Safe Homes Coalition mission is to protect children from accidental prescription overdose and inappropriate exposure to powerful medications.  Although the opioid epidemic is such a complex and overwhelming challenge, this county-wide education program gives individuals like you and me the opportunity to play a small role and ‘do something’ to help save lives.  The entire Shadowbox team is excited and proud to be a part of this effort.”

MISSION: Protect children from accidental prescription overdoses

Keep Kids Safe San Diego 2019

  • Supervisor Kristin Gaspar 
  • Sheriff Bill Gore
  • District Attorney Summer Stephan

HOW: Join the 100’s of volunteers walking neighborhoods to clear medicine cabinets of unused/expired prescriptions.


Shadowbox CEO Stein speaks at SHC Kick-off with Sheriff Gore and Supervisor Gaspar
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Software Start-Up Taps Gregory A. Stein for CEO

Stein recently helped scale start-up to 1,500 employees and $1.8 billion, and will utilize this experience to commercialize the [shadowbox] software platform. [shadowbox] connects unconnected systems, automates processes, and defeats monotony.

San Diego, CA, February 15, 2017 –(– Relier Technologies, LLC dba “[shadowbox]®” announced today the appointment of Gregory “Greg” A. Stein as managing member and Chief Executive Officer charged with commercializing and scaling the proprietary [shadowbox]® software environment for light top-down system integrations and workflow automation.

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and primary inventor of [shadowbox]®, Jack Samatov said, “I have searched a long time to find a business partner who is passionate about this opportunity, has the necessary start-up experience across multiple industries and products, can build and lead a team to accomplish objectives, and most importantly an impeccable reputation for trust and integrity. In Greg, we found exactly this.”

Most recently, Mr. Stein was an original investor and Vice President of Strategic and Community Affairs for Millennium Health, where his major accomplishments included identifying billing efficiencies producing more than $30 million in additional profit, leading the project team in a ground-up build out and opening of the company’s first extra-campus full service laboratory, establishing a new product opportunity assessment process, and creating a comprehensive software interface for Sales and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for new products, maximize sales conversions, and support for third parties such as health plans and government healthcare agencies.

“Greg’s prior work was particularly relevant to our objectives at [shadowbox],” said David Veillon, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, “the healthcare vertical in particular is ripe for exploiting the connection and automation technology that is now possible as a result of [shadowbox] capabilities. I’ve known Greg for a long time, and have always appreciated his professionalism, ability to see over the horizon, and for taking opportunities from concept to reality.”

“[shadowbox] is a solution that allows companies in many instances to avoid massive investment into static back-end API integrations, and instead focus on providing products and services to their customers. I have personally dealt with countless situations where my systems didn’t talk to each other, the cost of API was prohibitive, and instead relied on complex import/export functions or cutting and pasting data from one system to another,” said Mr. Stein. “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to build and lead a team to commercialize and scale such an important product.”

About [shadowbox]®
[shadowbox]® is a proprietary software environment providing for simple combination, display, and contextual interaction between different media types, websites, files and applications in a single customizable interactive multiview display. This light top end integration allows for disconnected systems to connect, workflow processes to be automated, and thus reduce errors and increase efficiency. For more information, see, or contact us at 323.596.0999.

Our advisor, David J Veillon, has always grown the Industry.

As Director of Technology and Business Development for Rotor Communications, David innovated new delivery methods for Internet-based, live interactive media, paving the way for the current range of products on the market today.

He helped the industry reach new heights utilizing new platforms, hardware, and Open Source Operating systems, like Linux.

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