Shadowbox empowers you to securely and rapidly connect and manage multiple applications through a revolutionary patented multi-view technology. Shadowbox simplifies workflow and streamlines processes allowing you and your team to be more efficient than ever before.

The Problem: Most Integration Solutions are Complex and Expensive


Corporations will spend $208B
on system integration in 2019.
Only 30% will succeed.

Time Consuming

Integration projects typically last
6 months to a year or more.


A typical transaction crosses 35 systems. Data & processes are soiled and fragmented.


Connecting disparate systems typically requires custom code and heavy IT support.

The Solution: Shadowbox Technology – disrupting the status quo making integration effortless and efficient while employing the highest levels of security.

Integration Platform

  • Seamlessly connect multiple web applications
  • No code; instead user-defined integration through drag and drop
  • No repetition; automate tasks with a click
  • Shadowbox can customize complex requirements

Secure Browser

  • Manage users, permissions, authentication
  • Secure for compliance (PCI, PHI, HIPAA, Hi-TRUST)
  • Designed to reduce compliance violations due to human error
  • Enables standardization of data entry, transfer and workflow

Smart Learning

  • Machine Learning automatically learns typical applications
  • AI suggests connections between any two+ applications
  • Matches imperfect records across systems

Shadowbox: A Proven Solution

Shadowbox transforms your browser from a vulnerable entry point for hackers into a no-code AI engine that empowers users to securely browse and connect multiple applications into one multi-view. Once connected, Shadowbox supports interoperability features such as workflow automation, contextual search, meta-data analysis, and more.

We’re cutting our teeth in healthcare with proven solutions for healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics, ancillary service providers, and payers. The healthcare industry has some of the biggest datasets available, but making that data useable remains elusive. Lack of interoperability, convertibility, and consistency are some of the biggest challenges to impacting cost and quality in healthcare.

Shadowbox solutions solve these problems by giving you the information you need while enhancing security and increasing regulatory compliance.

And, if we can do it in healthcare – we can do it anywhere. Watch us as we develop tools for media, finance, manufacturing and other industries where lack of connectivity and fragmented data impede success.

  • Connect Systems
  • Integrate Functionality
  • Improve Processes
  • Streamline Workflow

Let us show you how Shadowbox can work for you.